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  • How to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your productivity using these simple visual tools
  • How to eliminate the HUGE INVISIBLE TIME WASTER that is HIDDEN in your business.
  • How you can turn a 10 hour workday into 3 hour workday – and still get more done.
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  • Another time management tool
  • Working any harder
  • Working longer hours
  • Cutting corners
  • Temporary boost
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  • Untested theory

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Meet The Creator Of "Healthy Profits"

The Big Business Secret Weapon Who Finds The Optimal Way To Get Things Done

Matts Rehnstrom

Matts is a best-selling author, trainer and coach. He is a certified expert within concepts like LEAN, Six Sigma and Kaizen. He's been working with optimizing workflows for businesses like Volvo and Western Union for the past 25 years.

change agentsHis experience has led him to creating a brand new system within the field of business excellence, where peoples health and happiness are a part of the profitability equations. A system with the goal of healthy profits.

Now, he is helping small business owners to increase their profits and to get a better work-life balance.

Let's review some of the features of this powerful training program...

Here's The New Powerskill That You Are About To Master

This Method Will Set A Whole New Bar For Efficiency In Your Business

You will learn step-by-step from a world class expert how to map out your current workflow and how you can optimize every single value creating component of your business. This means quite simply, you are going to eliminate all of the confusion, question marks and get straight to action every single workday.

Your productivity will skyrocket and the overall quality of your work will improve.

All of the waste that you are used to experiencing.. Kiss it goodbye! You are now a LEAN mean profit machine.

process map

"The rate at which I work now is faster than I ever thought was possible. These visual methods give me piece of mind. Now I can get stuff done instead of worrying about forgetting something critical."

Marcus Zacco,

What Is A Playbook? 

Just like your phone stores the phone numbers to you contacts or a calendar keeps track of your daily activities - a playbook is where you store all of your value creating activities for your business. It is an detailed description of how to do something.

Imagine keeping track of all of the phonenumbers yourself.... Well.. Unfortunately, you are doing exactly that about the most important things in your business right now. And that is EXACTLY why you are feeling overwhelmed with information and can't get stuff done as fast as you would like.

Every single successful company and business owner has a clearly defined
document outlining how they create value. They have a playbook. Period.

Six Easy Steps For Creating Your Own Winning Playbook

Brief descriptions of what the 40+ videos contained in this course covers.

  • Introduction

    In this module you will know about your new business playbook  you are going to create and the different tiers it need to contain.

  • Module 1: The Goal

    Learn how to define your business goal. This is the target we are going to hit.

  • Module 2: Collect And Prioritize

    Work, work, work. This is when we decide what actually needs to get done, and what can wait.

  • Module 3: Project and Processes

    Learn to sort and categorize all of your tasks so that you finally a way to structure your activities.

  • Module 4: How to Build a Process

    You will master the art of designing efficient business processes and how to them to the business stakeholders.

  • Module 5: How to Build a Project

    Now you’ll learn how to plan a project in an efficient way so that you will hit your target, on time and within budget.

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This is EXACTLY the software that Matts uses for himself and recommends for all of his clients. It is a super simple software that works exactly as advertised and complies with all of the industry standards, so you don't have to worry about having to "convert" och pay for anything else later.

Costs you nothing, and it offers you amazing value once you learn to use it for your business.

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Five Excellent Reasons To Complete Your Order Today

document process

Reason to order #1

Eliminate costly mistakes

Running multiple projects simultaneously makes it really challenging to keep track of everything. This is asking for trouble. By drawing out workflows and processes with this method you can quickly and easily "download" your thougths into the computer, whiteboard or a sheet of paper, and thus  freeing up your mental capacity to actual problem solving.

While you draw you are forcing yourself to identify and eliminate all of the obstacles within your workflow before you make them. This increases the quality of your work and speeds up the execution time dramatically.

Reason to order #2

Outsource with confidence

Ever oursourced something only to discover that explaining the job took longer than actually doing it yourself?  Well, consider that problem a thing of the past.

All of your processmaps you create, use and perfect will follow the BPMN standard, which is an international accepted standard for describing workflows and tasks. This will give your external team crystal clear directions on their role and assigment in the workflow.

You can now outsource with confidence.

outsource process

Reason to order #3

Become stress free

As you manage project and run processes without documenting any of it, you run the very plausible risk of cluttering your mind with every detail of the business. This clutter demands that you constantly divert brain capacity and mental energy to keep track of things that a simple piece of paper can do!

This is stressful and completely counterproductive behaviour.

Instead, working with organization, structure and information hierarchy will help you free up a lot of mental capacity to problem solving. Matts can show you exactly how to structure your business.


Reason to order #4

Plan projects like a pro

Even though you might be a one-man-band or working with a small team, there is NO REASON why you should be hap-hazard with your projects. In fact, you should be even more vigilant that your project be done on time. Simply because you have less resources to waste.

Within this training you are going to learn how to plan your project to perfection so you get results you are after on time and within budget.


project management

Reason to order #5

Impress potential investors

Everybody knows that investors and big time partners don't have patience for non-sense. You are already asking investors to take a massive risk by believing in you. You do not want to come across as disorganized and confused when it comes to conducting business.

Instead, if you explain your business using a simple diagram that follows BPMN standard you immediately impress anyone who knows anything about project management och process design. Which is what the big shots are constantly trying to improve upon.

Long story short: If you know how to draw your processes you get immediate rapport from big time players who are fed up with people being disorganized. This skill will set you apart from the competition.

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Act Today And Get The Following Bonuses At No Additional Cost

Bonus #1  (FREE)

Matts No-Nonsense 5 Minute Tutorial To This INCREDIBLE FREE Tool

Matts is going to show you exactly which 6 symbols you need, (and which 100+ you can ignore for now), in order to document all of your business processes and still be following the BPMN standard.

It sounds so simple! And it is when a true professional shows you how it's done.

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Bonus #2  (valued at $57)


The Low-Tech Method

Matts is taking us back to the past and showing his personal low-tech methods for planning and designing processes. Great for those times you have a great idea you want to explore, but you don't have access to a computer.

Also, superb for those team meeting because everyone can participate and get creative with their input using tools they are familiar with.


pen post-it

Bonus #3 (valued at $197)

Unlimited Access To Matts' Personal
Evergrowing Library Of Ready-To-Edit Templates

Save a minimum of 10 hours
by skipping the learning curve!

You will get a tremendeous headstart by having access to multiple templates that are ready to be applied within you business. This will reduce initial learning curve, and give you confidence going forward as you know that your designs are up to par.

Just by having access to these templates you will automatically avoid some of the amateur traps that renders many processmaps and flowcharts useless. You won’t have that problem. Your processes will be near-perfect everytime.

* All of the templates and training are adapted to fit the reality of a small business

Bonus #4 (valued at $47)

Comprehensive App Review

Do you like working on your phone, iPad or android tablet, instead of a computer?

Matts has included his personal reviews about additional apps you might want to explore and install on your mobile devices and tablets, so you can have a smooth workflow whereever you are.

This review will save you the hassle of trying out new apps and software so you can be confident that the app is compatible with the tools you are using.

app process design

Bonus #5 (valued at $197)

Never Miss A Deadline Again!

Bonus Module: Project Management For Small Businesses

You will get, as a free bonus, an entire new module covering the art of project management. These are essential skills for anyone who has partners, employees or wants to do outsourcing. Matts will show you how to stay on top of a project without micromanaging.

project management

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